St Mary's C.E. Primary School

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Spellings - Year 1/2

Here you will find the spellings that your child should be learning for their next spelling test.  You will not be able to see previous spelling lists online and children will still be given a list to stick into their spelling book.

The sounds we will be learning this year can be found by clicking here.

Spelling tests this term will take place on the following dates:

Friday 12th May and Friday 26th May.


Miss Bean


This week's homework is on plurals and can be found here.  This will be tested on 26th May. 





















 Mrs Hill/ Mrs Eggleshaw


This week we have been working on plurals. The homework (Friday 19th May) can be found here and should be handed in by Wednesday 24th May.





Mrs Chaney 

See Cherry Class page for weekly homework including spellings.

Please practice the weekly spelling patterns and common exception words given. Your child will be able to teach you the rhyme for remembering these words - ask them! :)

Spelling tests for this term will be on:

Friday 18th Nov.

Friday 2nd Dec.

Friday 16th Dec.







Please try to encourage your child to notice their sound in words when they are reading with you at home and try to remember some of the words so that they can be discussed in school.