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Welcome to Year 5 and 6

In Year 5 and 6, we have three classes:

Maple, Oak and Chestnut  

You can click on each of the class names to find out information specific to the class. This page shows what we are learning, class news and some useful links.


In class we are learning...

Termly Overview Term 1 Year 5-6 by stmarys on Scribd


WK1: A focus on Growth Mindset

Throughout the week the children will be focusing on these objectives: 

-Draw a mindmap of positive learning 

-Understanding growth mindset

-Starting to use cursive handwriting 

-Recapping spelling expectations 

-Apply growth mindset to our artwork



Wk1: Place Value 

-read, write, order and compare numbers to at least 1 000 000 and determine the value of each digit

-round any number up to 1 000 000 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000,



(Term 1) Skills-based term

Children will focus on:  


-recording using audacity

-windows moviemaker

-Research skills: plagiarism

-using Microsoft publisher

-Searching for and recording information 


Each lesson will also begin with an e-safety themed question that will form a short 5- minute discussion with the children or it will form the focus of the lesson, along with the skills set above.


Theme - WW2

-I can begin to understand the reasons for the outbreak of the war

-I can explain the different reasons for why the war broke out 

- I can understand how the past can be represented in different ways

-I can understand how propaganda can misinform people

-I can explain what the Blitz was

-I can use different sources of evidence to compare changes since the 1940s


Termly News

Week Commencing 4th September:  Growth Mindset week  


Week Commencing 11th September: Yr6's are away on camp


Spellings for Revision

The 100 words mentioned in the email, and brought home by your child are:

accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached, available, average, awkward

bargain, bruise

category, cemetery, committee, communicate, community, competition, conscience, conscious, controversy, convenience, correspond, criticise, curiosity

definite, desperate, determined, develop, dictionary, disastrous

embarrass, environment, equip (-ped, -ment), especially, exaggerate, excellent, existence, explanation

familiar, foreign, forty, frequently

government, guarantee

harass, hindrance

identity, immediate(ly), individual, interfere, interrupt

language, leisure, lightning

marvellous, mischievous, muscle

necessary, neighbour, nuisance

occupy, occur, opportunity

parliament, persuade, physical, prejudice, privilege, profession, programme, pronunciation


recognise, recommend, relevant, restaurant, rhyme, rhythm

sacrifice, secretary, shoulder, signature, sincere(ly), soldier, stomach, sufficient, suggest, symbol, system

temperature, thorough, twelfth

variety, vegetable, vehicle


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